WordPress Theme: Praseodymiumic

Praseodymiumic WordPress theme is another portfolio theme from Padd Solutions. This theme comes with muted color palette, custom typography, custom front page widgets and testimonial widget which transform your regular blog into a fully functional website.

Praseodymiumic WP theme comes with a clean and well-structured code for easy customization for your special needs and a .pot file which you can easily translate in your preferred languages with ease.

A testimonial section is also in place so that you can feature your previous client’s feedback for future references.

This blog theme works well in a multisite environment because it is WordPress MU compatible. If you are working on a network of sites (personal blogs, tech blogs, design blogs and other related blog niches), Praseodymiumic WP theme suits your needs.

Another important feature we added into this theme is the easy customization of the Site’s title. You can just choose whether to upload an image or just plain text title.

Like our other recent freemium themes, Praseodymiumic WP theme has a built-in Facebook Like Box for your Facebook Fan pages and an advertisement spot.

Built by Padd Solutions, Praseodymiumic WP theme is great for any blogger who wants to impress their readers with their contents and a premium quality design blog at no cost!

Check out the other theme features:

  • Portfolio theme
  • Testimonial section
  • WordPress MU Compatible
  • Featured Content Slider
  • Custom Font integration
  • Facebook Like Box
  • Built-in Advertisement Spots
  • Twitter Status integration
  • Compatible with WordPress version 3.1+
  • Dropdown Categories Menu
  • Spread the articles via Social bookmarks (Delicious, Digg, Newsvine, RSS, Stumbleupon, Technorati, Twitter)
  • Better Comment System
  • Separation of Comments and Trackbacks
  • SEO optimized
  • Automatic Thumbnail Resizer (without using a custom field)
  • Popular Posts
  • Google Analytics code integration
  • Built-in Page Navigation
  • Gravatar Enabled

Praseodymiumic Screenshot

Praseodymiumic | Demo | Download Praseodymiumic (8211)


  1. Upload the praseodymiumic.zip file in your server via Appearance > Install Themes > Upload
  2. Activate Praseodymiumic Theme 1.0 by Padd Solutions (Note: Don’t worry if it might look disoriented at first, you need to activate the required plugins to fully utilize the theme.)

Activate the Required Plugins

Customizing Praseodymiumic Options:

  1. Go to Appearance > Praseodymiumic Options
    • General Settings
    • Slideshow Settings
    • Page Tracker Settings
    • Social Networking Settings
    • Page Navigation Settings
    • Custom Ads Settings
  2. Then Save Settings.

Additional Customization:

  • Setting the Front Page:
    1. Go to Appearance > Praseodymiumic Options.
    2. Set the appropriate pages from the drop down menu at First Column Page, Second Column Page and Third Column Page.
    3. Save Settings.
  • Adding Testimonial (this will be randomly featured in the bottom part of the site):
    1. Go to Testimonials > Add New.
    2. Write the testimonial in the box and indicate an author in the Testimonial Author box.
    3. Publish Testimonial.
  • Setting the Slideshow Image :
    1. Set the Slideshow Category from the Slideshow Options
    2. Go to the post
    3. At the bottom right part of the post page (below “Post Tags”) set the “Featured Image” (with at least width: 450px and height: 220px)
    4. Save or Update Post.
  • Setting the DropDown Menus:
    1. Go to Appearance > Menus
    2. Drag and drop the menus you want to appear in the main menu
    3. Save Menu.


  • WordPress 3.0+
  • Host server with PHP5+

Thank you:

Thanks to Viper007Bond and Héctor for the useful plugins.

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  1. Alex 05.12.2011 Reply

    Nice theme. There’s a problem, though. I get an error: “You are not allowed to edit this post” when trying to post a testimonial.

    • James 06.03.2011 Reply

      You may download the theme now. The latest version will fix the error.

  2. this theme is perfect for use in portfolio, I certainly enjoyed

  3. Chak 05.29.2011 Reply

    When I tried to add new testimonial, It says “You are not allowed to edit this post”. What I’m missing….

  4. Trent 05.29.2011 Reply

    Fantastic looking theme! Why won’t the “Add Testimonials” allow me to edit the post? I get this error: You are not allowed to edit this post. Any particular reason? Thank you for the help on this great theme! Well done!

  5. johnconon 05.31.2011 Reply

    theme is broken…can you upload an updated copy?

    • Dulce 06.01.2011 Reply

      An updated version is now released. Feel free to download a copy now.

  6. marvin 06.06.2011 Reply

    Hi, this is a very nice theme that I want to use for our Church website.

    A few questions though, which part of the CSS should I edit in order to create a page template that has full width (no sidebars). I really need it for some page of in our Church website.


    • James 06.08.2011 Reply

      Just go to the css folder under praseodymiumic folder and you can take a pick on which file to edit.

  7. edi 07.13.2011 Reply

    Amazing theme, I really like it.
    Is it possible to place images instead of posts in the first, second and third columns?

    • Randy 07.28.2011 Reply

      Hi edi,
      Glad you liked the theme. The columns you specified are designed to display pages, so – sorry not possible to display images.

  8. edi 07.19.2011 Reply

    How do you remove the border and padding of images in posts and pages? I couldn’t find it in any of the .css files!

    • James 07.28.2011 Reply

      Under the theme folder, go to css folder. Inside the css folder, open the required.css. At line 33, there is a CSS rule for the images inside the content, and edit accordingly.

  9. Andreas 07.25.2011 Reply

    Hi, this is a great theme! But, how can I get rid of the “archives”-menu in the footer and replace it with another widget? There are only 3 footer bars in the widget section.

    • Randy 07.28.2011 Reply

      Hi Andreas,
      You’ll need to edit the setup.php file. You can do that in the Appearance > Editor. Look for the following code:

      'name' => __('Footer 3', PADD_THEME_SLUG),
      'after_title' => '',

      Add this set of code after it:

      'name' => __('Footer 4', PADD_THEME_SLUG),
      'description' => __('Fourth column of the footer widget.', PADD_THEME_SLUG),
      'before_widget' => '',
      'after_widget' => '',
      'before_title' => '',
      'after_title' => '',

      That would now allow you to replace the archives widget.

  10. Alex 08.20.2011 Reply

    I’ve realized that there’s no edit box for the testimonial, there’s only one for the author. I can see all the format buttons but not an input text for the testiominal itself.

    • Randy 08.26.2011 Reply

      Hi Alex,
      Testimonials in this theme is a custom-post type. You can edit it on the Admin Panel.
      I hope that answers your issue.

  11. Vivi 12.12.2011 Reply

    Thanks.. Nice themes.. love it

  12. greg myers 01.16.2012 Reply

    I would like the testimonial to be above the 3 featured boxes…how do I do it?

    Great theme, btw!

    • Randy 01.20.2012 Reply

      Hi Greg,

      You can do this by editing the Main Index Template (index.php) of the theme. Just interchange the order of these 2 lines of code:

      • <?php get_sidebar('home'); ?>
      • <?php get_sidebar('testimonial'); ?>

      Then you’ll have to edit the styles, particularly header.css.php and footbar.css. Both of these files are in the ‘css’ folder of the theme.


  13. greg myers 01.23.2012 Reply

    Thanks for the help above…it works great.

    Now, how do I set the number of recent posts at the bottom of the home page and have pagination like in the demo? It’s displaying ALL of my posts and no pagination. http://gralmy.com/beaconofhope/


  14. greg myers 01.25.2012 Reply

    yeah, I’m an idiot….it’s in the read settings.

  15. mahendra 02.18.2013 Reply

    nice collection ….I really loved it . Please suggest me one fast loading wordpress theme for blogging purpose .

  16. Heather Tate 03.03.2013 Reply

    How do you change the name from Praseodymiumic name on the home page to your own?

    • James 03.07.2013 Reply

      Go to Praseodymiumic Options in your WP admin, select the General tab and look for Site Name Mode. Then take your pick.

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