WordPress Theme: Magasin Uno

Magasin Uno is a premium quality WordPress theme with Featured Post Gallery, Feedburner Email Subscription, Twitter Account integration, Popular Posts, Automatic Thumbnail Resizer, Adsense ready with advertising blocks easily customize via an Option Page.

Theme features:

  • Magazine Style Layout
  • Compatible with WordPress version 2.7
  • Twitter Account Integration
  • Built-in Page Navigation
  • Featured Post Gallery
  • Option Page for Easy Customization
  • Feedburner Email Subscriber
  • Popular Posts
  • Automatic Thumbnail Resizer
  • Adsense Ready
  • Advertisement Blocks Ready
  • Gravatar Enabled
  • Threaded Comments

Magasin Uno Screenshot

Download Version 2.0 Magasin Uno Reloaded (9340) | Download Version 1.0 Magasin Uno (36476)

Required Plugins:

  • Popularity Contest
  • WP-PageNavi
  • Twitter for WordPress


  1. Upload the popularity-contest, twitter-for-wordpress and wp-pagenavi folders in the /wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. Activate Popularity Contest Mod, Twitter for WordPress and WP-PageNavi plugins.

Customizing Magasin Uno Options:

Magasin Uno Options Page

  1. Go to Appearance > Magasin Uno Options
    • General Settings
    • Featured Gallery Slideshow Settings
    • Googe Adsense Settings
    • Banner Advertisement Settings
  2. Then Update Options.

Additional Customization:

  • Changing the Logo:
    1. Use the logo.psd found at the /magasin-uno/images folder.
    2. Edit it using your favorite graphics application.
    3. Save as sitename.png and upload it at the /wp-content/themes/magasin-uno/images folder.

Custom Fields

Magasin Uno Custom Fields

  • Posting a Featured Content:
    1. Write a post and place it at the “Featured” category.
    2. In your post, go below the Custom Fields section.
    3. Key: paddimage-gallery
    4. Value: full url of the image (with at least width: 640px and height: 283px)
    5. Then click Add Custom Field.
    6. Save or Publish your post.
  • Changing the default post thumbnail:
    1. In your post, go below the Custom Fields section.
    2. Key: paddimage
    3. Value: url of the image in the uploads folder (i.e. /wp-content/uploads/2008/11/thumbnail.png), don’t worry about the size because it will be resized automatically.
    4. Then click Add Custom Field.
    5. Save or Publish your post.

Thank you:
Jonathan for the amazing jQuery plugin, also to Rick, Alex and Lester for making the WordPress plugins available.

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  1. zeerebel 01.26.2009 Reply

    I love your themes, but Featured Content, and Automatic Thumbnail Resizer are not working for any of your themes. I tried all of theme

  2. Shea Quinn 01.29.2009 Reply

    i keep getting errors when trying to install. is there a more indepth setup guide?

    more so with the featured content, as I don’t know what a slug is.

  3. Steven Gourlay 01.29.2009 Reply

    Can you have a look at my site to see the problem with the gallery?

  4. Pavel Ciorici 01.30.2009 Reply

    I always was very curious to know from where you get the names for your themes? :)

  5. Tom 01.30.2009 Reply

    Very nice theme, thank you very much :)

  6. Nasc 02.03.2009 Reply


    I love your themes, but i’ve a problem when i want install them.
    I’ve installed Popularity Contest, WP-PageNavi and
    Twitter for WordPress (on a fresh new install of wordpress 2.7) and when i install Magasin Uno theme i’ve this error :
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /homez.22/wowusele/wow/wp-content/themes/magasin-uno/functions/option.php on line 5

    If you can help me…

    (sorry for my poor english)

  7. kth6 02.25.2009 Reply

    Hey, somehow the featured post gallery breaks the page when used.

  8. Jim Johnson 03.07.2009 Reply

    I found your blog today and love it, keep up the good work!

  9. Paolo 03.10.2009 Reply

    Very nice theme. I’ve inserted it in WordPressGala , my WP themes gallery.

  10. CMS Themes 04.18.2009 Reply

    Great theme mate!
    I just listed the theme on http://www.cmstheme.net/theme/wordpress/magasin-uno.html

  11. Mike 09.10.2009 Reply

    I am loving this so far but have a couple issues. I replaced the thumbnail.png file with a new one and the old M logo still shows. I actually physically put a new thumbnail.png file of my own in the images directory.

    Also I made a 640×283 sized image for the feature items and it doesn’t show when putting in the custom field.

  12. saif malik 09.10.2009 Reply


  13. Mit Ailbu 09.19.2009 Reply

    Oh, you have to set the category slug in the theme setup.

  14. Erdek 10.04.2009 Reply

    Great theme thank you very much

  15. albert 10.08.2009 Reply

    thanks for share! Generous!

  16. Juan 01.05.2010 Reply

    Hey, i’d like to make that slide featured content on my Website, do you have a tutorial to do it? It’s really cool. Thanks !

  17. sonia 01.15.2010 Reply

    I like this theme ,it is very nice theme thanks..

  18. sagive 03.29.2010 Reply

    Everything works but the images are not clickable.. that’s useless

    have i missed anything ?

  19. jangrahmat 04.19.2010 Reply

    nice theme.. thx..

  20. double 'H' 05.13.2010 Reply

    i love magaz theme…
    thanks for sharing

  21. photo 09.19.2010 Reply

    Also for me everything works but the images are not clickable

  22. gotop 01.23.2011 Reply

    nice themes, i like it!

  23. robert 01.23.2011 Reply

    thanks. awesome themes :)

  24. Polska 03.13.2011 Reply

    very nice themes

  25. koçluk merkezi 04.26.2011 Reply

    Very nice theme. I’ve inserted it in WordPressGala , my WP themes gallery

  26. erdek 05.03.2011 Reply

    super article and theme , thanks for post

  27. izmir reiki 05.26.2011 Reply


  28. erdek 06.06.2011 Reply

    thanks for share! Generous!

  29. atozvision 06.27.2011 Reply

    Very nice theme, thank you very much

  30. acerc 07.18.2011 Reply

    thanx. nice theme

  31. koçluk eğitimi 07.22.2011 Reply

    Great theme thank you very much

  32. Dulce 01.27.2009 Reply

    You must have missed something. Feel free to email us about it with the URL of your website and we will be glad to help you out.

  33. Dulce 09.10.2009 Reply

    Hi Mike. After changing don’t forget to clear the contents of your cache at /wp-content/themes/magasin-uno/functions/cache/. It should work.

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