WordPress Theme: Magasin Dos

Magasin Dos is a Magazine styled WordPress theme with Featured Post, Feedburner Email Subscription, Twitter Account integration, Flickr Thumbnails, Automatic Thumbnail Resizer, Adsense ready with advertising blocks easily customize via an Option Page.

Theme features:

  • Magazine Style Layout
  • Compatible with WordPress version 2.7
  • Twitter Account Integration
  • Built-in Page Navigation
  • Featured Post
  • Option Page for Easy Customization
  • Feedburner Email Subscriber
  • Flickr Thumbnails
  • Automatic Thumbnail Resizer
  • Adsense Ready
  • Advertisement Blocks Ready
  • Gravatar Enabled
  • Threaded Comments

Magasin Dos Screenshot

Download Magasin Dos (12323)

Required Plugins:

  • WP-PageNavi
  • Twitter for WordPress
  • FlickrRSS


  1. Upload the twitter-for-wordpress, wp-pagenavi and flirckrRSS folders in the /wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. Activate Twitter for WordPress, WP-PageNavi and FlickrRSS plugins.

Customizing Magasin Dos Options:

Magasin Dos Options Page

  1. Go to Appearance > Magasin Dos Options
    • General Settings
    • Featured Gallery Slideshow Settings
    • Googe Adsense Settings
    • Banner Advertisement Settings
  2. Then Update Options.

Additional Customization:

  • Changing the Logo:
    1. Use the logo.psd found at the /magasin-dos/images folder.
    2. Edit it using your favorite graphics application.
    3. Save as sitename.png and upload it at the /wp-content/themes/magasin-dos/images folder.

Custom Fields

Magasin Dos Custom Fields

  • Posting a Featured Content:
    1. Write a post and place it at the “Featured” category.
    2. Save or Publish your post.
  • Changing the default post thumbnail:
    1. In your post, go below the Custom Fields section.
    2. Key: paddimage
    3. Value: url of the image in the uploads folder (i.e. /wp-content/uploads/2008/11/thumbnail.png), don’t worry about the size because it will be resized automatically.
    4. Then click Add Custom Field.
    5. Save or Publish your post.

Thank you :
Rick , Lester and Dave for making the WordPress plugins available.

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  1. Raju 01.30.2009 Reply

    wonderful!! great work!!

  2. aftab 02.01.2009 Reply

    i just download this beautiful theme for my modeling site blog, and i will be back if found any problem.
    btw, update the demo pictures with large pictures coz its hard to find what is in?

  3. aftab 02.01.2009 Reply

    thumbnail of post at index is working fine. but featured post is not easy to work with for newbie like me.any easy guide for setting up featured galley and post?

  4. vacom 02.04.2009 Reply

    Hi, how to make tabs as WordPress Theme – Magasin Uno in this WordPress Theme Magasin Dos and how to make 2sidebar?

  5. Guys – this is a great looking theme. I have been looking for a new eye-catching theme for my site and now I have found it! Downloaded it already and will try and get it on the site over the weekend and I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks.

  6. Amr Osman 06.03.2009 Reply

    Veey Good Power In simpilicity

  7. alex 12.14.2009 Reply

    Wow, is this the all-in-one wordpress theme?

  8. Finaly a great free wp theme !

    Ill try to customize it for my new “lifestyle and fitness” project and ill post it here when Im done !

    Tx, u just made my day :)

  9. Ardi 01.21.2010 Reply


    I have recently installed the theme on http://www.bataviaprima.org...
    But I am having some issues on the front page… I have just had my first post…

    I am getting this error message:

    Warning: strpos() [function.strpos]: Offset not contained in string in /home/nahkodab/public_html/bataviaprima.org/wp-content/themes/magasin-dos/functions.php on line 283

    I have no ideas what is that…Not sure what is wrong with this…any ideas/suggestion would be appreciated…

  10. Ardi 01.22.2010 Reply
  11. Rodney Garcia 01.23.2010 Reply

    I’m having a problem with the template. I get this error below.

    Warning: strpos() [function.strpos]: Offset not contained in string in /home/content/u/p/r/upraisemedia/html/iwannatalkabout/nokia5800/wp-content/themes/magasin-dos/functions.php on line 283

    I’m not too sure why?

    The images to my post also don’t show up.

    Is there incompatibility with the new wordpress version?

  12. Rodney Garcia 01.23.2010 Reply


    I fixed the script problem. But I have a new one.

    There’s no image appearing when I use the “paddimage”. It was working when I was trying it in my local server. But when it’s online, it’s not. Don’t know why. I followed all the instructions

    You can check out my site now if you’d like.

    Please help. Thanks!

  13. Rodney Garcia 01.24.2010 Reply

    Hi. Anyone here have problems with the paddimage not showing up?

    My template is already done. But the paddimages don’t appear. In my offline development, it appears.

    So what is wrong? Is it a WORDPRESS issue?

  14. Sanjay 12.14.2010 Reply

    Yeah! Always wanted to have a magazine design. I’ll let you know if I found some problems in changing the designs.

  15. bizz 04.12.2011 Reply

    Finaly a great free wp theme !
    Ill try to customize it for my new “lifestyle and fitness” project and ill post it here when Im done !
    Tx, u just made my day

  16. contact 07.06.2011 Reply

    great free wp theme !

  17. rivaan 01.13.2012 Reply

    wow…this kind inspire me for more!! :-)

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