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We end 2009 with a professionally designed free premium WordPress theme – Maamo. Built by Padd Solutions, this quality WordPress theme comes with 5 color schemes to choose from. All the features can be accessed via the General Settings, Social Networking Settings and Custom Advertisement Settings tabs from the Admin Panel.

Maamo WP theme is great for any blogger who wants to impress their readers with their contents and a premium quality design blog at no cost!

Check out the other theme features:

  • Featured Content Gallery
  • Professional design
  • Popular Posts
  • Latest Tweet
  • About This Blog
  • Spread the articles via Social bookmarks (TweetMeme, Delicious, Digg, Newsvine, RSS, Stumbleupon, Technorati, Twitter)
  • Related Posts
  • Separation of Comments and Trackbacks
  • SEO optimized
  • Automatic Thumbnail Resizer (without using a custom field)
  • Compatible with WordPress version 2.9
  • RSS and Twitter subscription
  • Google Analytics code integration
  • Built-in Page Navigation
  • Featured Video
  • Advertisement Blocks Ready
  • Gravatar Enabled

Maamo Screenshot

Maamo | Demo | Download Maamo (8068)


  1. Install maamo folder at /wp-content/themes/
  2. Activate Maamo Theme 1.0 by Padd Solutions (Note: Don’t worry if it might look disoriented at first, you need to activate the required plugins to fully utilize the theme.)

Activate the Required Plugins

Customizing Maamo Options:

  1. Go to Appearance > Maamo Options
    • General Settings
    • Social Networking Settings
    • Custom Ads Settings
  2. Then Save Settings.

Additional Customization:

  • Changing the Logo:
    1. Use the site-name.psd found at the /images folder.
    2. Edit it using your favorite graphics application.
    3. Save as site-name.png and upload it at the /wp-content/themes/maamo/images folder.
  • Changing the Description:
    1. Use the site-description.psd found at the /images folder.
    2. Edit it using your favorite graphics application.
    3. Save as site-description.png and upload it at the /wp-content/themes/maamo/images folder.
  • Customizing the “About Us” in the footer:
    1. Go to Appearance > Maamo Options
      • General Settings > Site Description
      • Use this code: < img src="%THEME_URL%/images/icon-padd.jpg" style="float: left; border: 5px solid #666; margin: 0 10px 0 0"/> Text follows ...
    2. Then Save Settings.
  • Using TweetMeme:
    1. Go to TweetMeme settings
    2. Display: check “Display the button on pages”
    3. Position: Manual.
    4. Type: choose “The compact widget”
    5. The rest of the settings can be left as is.
    6. Save changes.
  • Updating Featured Photos:
    1. Go to Settings > flickrRSS
    2. Edit the settings.
    3. Save changes.

Thank you:

Thanks to Eightface, Crowd Favorite, TweetMeme, Lester and Mitcho for the useful plugins. Special shout out to Woofunction for their amazing icons.

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  1. citydog 12.31.2009 Reply

    Beautiful!i love it!

  2. Chris 03.09.2010 Reply

    Great theme!! Just one question. How do I change the “WordPress Theme Awesomeness” line by the logo?

    Thanks for all your work!!

    • Dulce 03.30.2010 Reply

      Hi Chris! Follow the instruction on “Changing the Description.” Thanks for using the theme.

  3. Nate 05.04.2010 Reply

    I’m brand new to this whole thing and I have no idea how to use/install this theme. Are there any detailed instructions or can someone help PLEASE!

  4. joomlagraphic 08.01.2010 Reply

    thanks for your contribution. much appreciated

  5. Prashant 02.18.2011 Reply

    Nice work man..I loved your theme..great work keep it up..:)

  6. Iqbal Hussain 02.18.2011 Reply

    Nice theme and great work with nice options available in theme keep it up…

  7. chris 06.17.2011 Reply

    Is there a reason I cannot make a maamo child page? I made the directory and used the maamo style.css file (making sure to point to maamo as the template. It shows up in my themes list but when I activate it there is no layout at all. almost as if it isn’t looking to maamo or cannot read it for some reason. Any help with this would be GREATLY appreciated. This really is a beautiful layout by the way. You guys do amazing work.


  8. chris 06.17.2011 Reply

    Kindly disregard that last question. I’m a moron. It’s all set now. Thanks again for a GREAT theme!!

  9. Great collection…………..!!

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