Padd Solutions 3.0 Launches Today

Early this year, we have been very busy behind the scene, brainstorming and conceptualizing a much-needed upgrade of the 3-year-old Padd Solutions design. With the influx of new innovations and latest web-based technologies, we needed to catch up.

Today, we finally breath life to a totally new Padd Solutions – a company which prides itself on developing premium quality WordPress themes, publishing informative WordPress tutorials to the community and delivering WordPress services to bloggers, small businesses and startups!

What’s new with Padd Solutions 3.0?

Content-Focused Design
Sporting a new logo and an intuitive layout design; Padd Solutions V3 has been tailored to have better information architecture without sacrificing the aesthetic visual appeal of the site.
Padd Solutions 3.0

Brand Services & Theme Galleries
Our WordPress services, premium WordPress theme and free WordPress themes sections are now conveniently accessible at first glance.
Padd Solutions 3.0 WordPress Services

Community Support Now Open
We listen to you and help you fix your issues! We have opened our Padd Solutions Support Forums and priority Helpdesk to our paying customers. This will ensure that whatever issues related to our themes will be properly course through our active support channels.
Padd Solutions 3.0 WordPress Theme Support

Membership Plans Available
In the past, we only offer free WordPress themes to the community. In order to continue the freemium model, we collaborated with advertisers to keep it free. However, more and more developers are requesting to buy a developer version of our themes without attribution and branding so that they can use it for their clients.
Today, we are happy to announce that a Developer version of our themes is available. Just choose any of the membership packages that suit your budget and download all our themes!
Padd Solutions 3.0 Padd Solutions Membership Plans

Additional Team Players

In order to keep with the growth and momentum, new team players have joined Padd Solutions.

Gifted in their own fields; Andrew, Randy and Yon played a vital role in the company. Andrew is the financial strategist of the group who keeps the business afloat; Randy is a dedicated WordPress developer who is committed in delivering the highest standards of work possible; while Yon, our resident graphic artist has strong Illustration skills and has a great eye for detail.

We are cool, young and talented individuals. If you live somewhere in Davao City, lets grab coffee together and talk any geeky stuff under the sun.

Bugs and Errors

While we want to have a glitch-free, error-free, perfect new site, during the upgrade some portions of the site might not work or have been deleted. If you encountered such errors or bugs, feel free to shoot us a comment below. We will fix them as soon as possible.

Feedback and Suggestions

Your feedback and suggestions are helpful to us. We will be delighted to hear from you. Happy to give away 30% discount on all our membership packages to celebrate our launch. Use coupon “PaddLaunch30” upon checkout. Coupon good within 48 hours!

With the new and better Padd Solutions, we are excited to give back to the WordPress community, help more businesses launch their websites and collaborate with other WordPress developers and designers!

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  1. Velin Naydenov 05.09.2012 Reply

    Hey, congratulations! The new design look fantastic, just keep up the good work!

  2. Swexie 05.30.2012 Reply

    It’s my first time here so I really can’t compare the new design from the old one. But I have to say that your current layout is very simple and clean, no unnecessary eye sores! Good luck to Andrew, Randy and Yon. I hope I can try your themes in the future.

    • Dulce 06.01.2012 Reply

      Thanks for the kind words Swexie. Feel free to drop by again soon.

  3. Renz Bulseco 05.30.2012 Reply

    Ayos! Big time na kaayo ka madam sweet ba! Libre dayun milk tea!!!!

  4. Kevin Paquet 05.30.2012 Reply

    Feels slightly like Elegant Themes here. Could be that both of you seem to go the “elegant” way in designing. Looks a lot cleaner and much more sleek compared to the previous design. Yaay to 3 years of Padd Solution!

    • Dulce 06.01.2012 Reply

      Actually, Padd Solutions’ will be going 5 years this December 2012. The old design was 3 years old that’s why we needed to change. :)

  5. Mark 05.30.2012 Reply

    Wow! I love the Support forums, at least i won’t be bugging you on your fb email Madam if I happen to have problems implementing/customizing some of your themes. Yay! Congrats -love the design! So slick with all the ribbon nav.

    • Dulce 06.01.2012 Reply

      I’m loving the ribbons too. Thanks for dropping by Mark.

  6. LIBREHA kog premium theme beh! :)

    • Dulce 06.01.2012 Reply

      We will be having a giveaway very soon. I’ll update you.

  7. Congratulations, Dulce and other team members, for the launch of Padd Solutions 3.0! Kayo na talaga! =)

    • Dulce 06.01.2012 Reply

      Thanks for dropping by Leah. :)

  8. Cham Cuartero 05.31.2012 Reply

    Congratulations! I may not be a techie-girl but I sure appreciate how technology has transformed our world now. I definitely need to learn more about WordPress! :)

  9. Shirgie Scf 06.01.2012 Reply

    wow…you are taking this to a whole new level now. I salute you guys…

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